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i do other stuff besides web design too..


art direction 

i can help transform your raw ideas into compelling visual narratives. guided by an in-depth understanding of your goals and audience, i’ll curate and create design elements that speak directly to the heart of your project. with a focus on innovation and elegance, i make sure your brand sits at the forefront of visual design. elevate your brand with my expert guidance, where every detail contributes to a cohesive, interactive, and impactful experience.

editorial design 

dive into the world of bespoke editorial design, where your content is dressed in its most impactful and engaging attire. leveraging my rich background in magazine design, i bring a sophisticated blend of aesthetics and functionality to every page. from conceptualization to final layout, this service is tailored to elevate articles, reports, and publications with a tangibly stunning narrative flow. avant-garde design that not only captures attention but holds it, turning each page into a visual journey.

identity systems

elevate your brand with my cutting-edge identity systems service, where i mix typography magic, color genius, and branding wizardry to conjure an unforgettable brand presence. it's more than aesthetics; it's about profound resonance and bold differentiation in a crowded marketplace. let me help you sculpt your visual manifesto and prepare to transform your brand essence into the captivating symphony that it’s meant to be... you’re not just developing a brand... you’re creating an entity that should echo your unique narrative worldwide.

promotional content

my promo content service is the fuel for your brand's fire. whether it's designing an album cover that captivates or a poster that stops scroll, i'm here to ensure your next project gleams with brilliance. from sleek social media graphics to mesmerizing merch collections, i craft & develop promotional content that demands attention and drives results. let’s make noise and turn heads.

this is how we can get started:

Let me know through either—

(a) instagram DM > @MAYTHEBAE
(b) email:

in your message..

(1) specify which particular service you’re interested in
(2) explain the technicalities of what you want the physical outcome to look like
(3) elaborate on any relevant or existing creative info you have in regards to the project

please be sure to include as MANY details as possible to describe your project’s vision.

i want to get a good idea of what the project is! feel free to be SPEC!F!C as f*ck.

and i want to be as transparent as possible with you, so please consider the following photo to get a general sense of how i usually approach pricing

i look forward to our collaboration ꨄ