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May is a multimedia artist, magazine editor, content producer, and production coordinator with a specific interest in creative direction and surrealist horror. 

Based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn— her journey as an artist began the second she was able to retain memory. To her, life doesn’t just imitate art.
Life is art.
Life can be so beautiful, yet heartbreaking.. and life-altering, yet insignificant.. and hard, yet easy.. and loving, yet lonely. Constantly. Always. 24/7.

Yes. May is an optimistic nihilist and sees everything as an A24 movie. She welcomes chaos and utilizes her peculiar life experiences as a propeller for her innovative designs that can be seen across her variety of multimedia projects. May is skilled in image curation, brand design, guerrilla marketing, content creation, and helping brands & creatives hone in on their voice for a stronger philosophical narrative. She believes that people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves

When May’s not contemplating about Nietzsche,
she’s feeding her pet snail and bulldozing through her cold brew. When she resumes contemplation, she prefers to be in a fleece blanket cocoon.

She’s a Strategic Design and Management alumna from Parsons School of Design and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with two minors completed in Fashion and Communication Design.

May is currently available for hire.

This was written in 3rd person by May.